Marilyn Monroe: A Concise Background

With her glamorous styles, blond hair, and sexy manner of speaking, Marilyn Monroe has become Hollywood’s Greatest Sex Symbol. Marilyn’s actual name is Norma Jean Baker. She was born on the 1st of June 1926 in Los Angeles, California. Her mother was put into a hospital because of paranoid schizophrenia, so she was left in a series of foster homes.

To escape from her difficult childhood, she chose to settle and marry James Dougherty. But the marriage ends so soon because James enters the U.S. Merchant Marines in 1943. Because of her experiences as a child up to his failed marriage, Norma grew up to be a strong yet insecure woman.

Marilyn Monroe’s Career

Norma was working in the Radio Plane Company in Van Nuys, California when photographers notice her charm. She soon became a model and later went to Hollywood to pursue her career as an actress. Ben Lyon of the Twentieth Century Fox set Norma for a screen test. She then had a contract with the studio and gave her the screen name, “Marilyn Monroe”.

Fail to renew her contract with Fox, Columbia Pictures get Marilyn to play a small role in the movie Ladies of the Chorus, Asphalt Jungle, and All About Eve. When they saw her potentials, Twentieth Century now gave her a 7-year contract that makes her land in movies such as As Young As You Feel, Love Nest, Let’s Make it Legal, and The Fireball. Marilyn was earning dollars for the studio after an extensive publicity campaign. This leads to several movies like Clash by Night, Monkey Business, Full House, and Don’t Bother to Knock. With her successful roles in the movies, Photoplay magazine gave her a title as the most promising actress.

But the pressure was too much for Marilyn, causing her to break the contract and move to New York (perhaps a life coach would have served her well). She chose to study at Actors Studio because she felt that she was not good enough. In 1955, Marilyn opens her own studio, Marilyn Monroe Productions. She then renews a contract with the Twentieth Century Fox and makes an appearance in the movie Bus Stop.

The Prince and the Showgirl was basically a movie that describes Marilyn Monroe. Her own company produces the movie that makes her as a “sparkling light comedienne”. She was the “best foreign actress of 1958” by winning the Italian David di Donatello Award. Other movies after that are Some Like it Hot and The Misfits.

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