Final Thoughts

A girl with a hunger for fame and a face and a name to remember, Marilyn surely made her dream come true. Landed in different movies, living a luxurious life, and a long-lasting legacy, everyone envies her. But that is also the reason why she became unhappy, her reputation was too big for her to carry. And in the end, she chose to finish her life to save her from depression.

It is no doubt that Marilyn Monroe is the most lasting and widely seen actress in the Twentieth Century Fox. And even today, after her tragic death and roller coaster life, she stays to be one of the most popular personalities in the history.

The movie has a great lesson for us. It shows that being famous is not an assurance of happiness. That life is full of balance. Nobody is perfect, how much it shows, there is still a missing piece in our life. Marilyn is an epitome of a successful and beautiful woman, a person that couldn’t ask for more, yet she craves for love and self-worth. Contentment is a key to a long and happy life.

Writen by Scott

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