Critical Reception to My Week with Marilyn

The movie My Week with Marilyn is a box office film with its earnings of 749,819 pounds in the United Kingdom in its first week. After six weeks, the movie broke the 10 million dollars mark in cinemas and has a cumulative worldwide gross of 35,057,686 dollars.

The film was given positive reviews with a rating of 7.1 out of 10. According to critics, Michelle Williams shines in the movie and nails to imitate Marilyn Monroe’s voice. Adam Green of Vogue praises Michelle for bringing Marilyn back to life. The movie was a gem by managing to convey Marilyn’s childhood vulnerability, insecurities as an actress, and her natural charm and talents.

Other critics also gave admirations to other casts such as Kenneth Branagh for his crisp enunciation that makes his character, Olivier, enough vitality I the movie. Empire magazine gave three out of five stars, saying that the movie offers moments of hilarious, touching, and sweet rather making it a biological drama.

Facts or Self-Serving Fiction

My Week with Marilyn is about Marilyn being a victim of her overwhelming popularity and sexual desirability. Every man will not hesitate to take a chance to get close to her. But in reality, Colin Clark was not attracted to her. He even describes Marilyn with a horrible complexion, shapeless figure, and lots of facial hair, which makes it the reason why she is insecure.

Vivien Leigh worries that Laurence Olivier will fall for Marilyn’s charm. So on the first day, he shows cruelty on the actress. He can’t bear her fragileness. Vivien even calls Marilyn a bitch according to Jack Cardiff, cinematographer on the Prince and the Showgirl.

Her marriage with Arthur Miller is already in trouble before he flies back to New York and starts getting cozy with Colin. The main problem with this film is that the connection between Colin and Marilyn is according to Colin’s diary. The night when Marilyn spend the night with him claiming that nothing happens, that’s Colin’s side. Marilyn states that she does not remember anything the next morning. The diary and movie are like an attempt to save Marilyn from her confusing life, but it sounds like a self-serving fantasy.

Marilyn Monroe’s Death

Arthur Miller and Marilyn Monroe ended their marriage on January 24, 1961. A year after, Marilyn was hospitalized at New York Psychiatric Clinic. She was able to recover and return to Fox to work on a film, but her behavior was severe, so the company left with no choice but to fire her. Months after, Marilyn was found lifeless in her house at Los Angeles. An empty bottle of sleeping pills are seen next to her and the rest is history.

Movie review by Scott LaPorta. Scott is certified personal trainer, avid biker, and frequent movie reviewer (watch out Roger Ebert!). He lives in the Strathcona neighborhood in Alberta with his wife Karen and three dogs.

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